Floating Reamer Holder MT3 with replaceable bushings

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floating Reamer Holder with rigid fixation MT3 with replaceable bushings allows you to rigidly fix the reamer, which have clamping flat or square on shank, in the mandrel, which not allows the reamers to slip, as in the Drill Chuck

Allows the reamer to remain parallel with the bore, while compensating of misalignment or wear between tailstock and chuck.

Floating reamer holders are used on production machines like single-spindle lathes, multi-spindle lathes, drills machines. They is mainly used for reamer operation and can also be used for rigid drilling/centering.

replaceable bushings with inner hole:
Ø 6 mm H7
Ø 1/4" H7
Ø 7 mm H7
Ø 8 mm H7
Ø 9 mm H7
Ø 10 mm H7
Ø 7/16" H7


total length: 160mm
shank type: MT3
floating head: bushing
head deflection angle: ±2°
axial head displacement: ±2mm

More Information
Country of Manufacture Ukraine
Manufacturer TOKAR
total length 160
shank type MT3
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