8.38 gauge gun bore/muzzle wear with ramrod

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gauge gun bore/muzzle wear with ramrod. A quick and accurate indication of barrel/throat wear.

The kit is designed for quick measurement of the diameter along the bore fields of a rifled weapon to assess the degree of its wear.

Provides match shooters and varmint hunters an easy, convenient method to determine remaining barrel life.

For calibre:

.338 Lapua Magnum
.338 Win.Mag.(8,5x63)
.338 Win.Mag. Lap.Mag.
.340 Weath.Mag.
8.5x63 (.338-10")
9mm Flobert (Schrot)


Kit specification:

gauges qtty 8pcs
gauges length 75mm
gauges tolerance ±0.002mm

gauges dia:
nominal diameter 1 pcs + 6 pcs with a step of 0.01mm + 1 pcs with a step of 0.1mm

rod length 150mm with thread 3x0.5 or 4x0.7

More Information
gun caliber 40 Cal +
Material MCS
Manufacturer TOKAR
Country of Manufacture Ukraine
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